Riding the Evo Spirit through Nothing But Excellence

Have you ever driven a fast car? Have you ever owned one? I have. Mine was a Mitsubishi Evolution. Smashing Red. 325 of HP (Horse Power) NBE – Nothing But Excellence. I have since sold it. I call it life as Pitbull would say. In MR.Renaissance speak, I call it Creative Disruption. I read a … Continue reading

Unlocking the DNA of “Whole Organization(s)”

In her Meghan-style speak, Meghan M. Biro powerfully asserted in her latest Forbes post that “real leaders set the standards of creativity (…)” by “thinking, seeing and hiring without blinders – in 3D“. Such a strong and true metaphor as past performance and credentials alone are typically not a strong predictor of future success. The … Continue reading

To Serve and Honour – Co-Creating with Others, Uncovering Gems and Diamonds

I almost did it 2 years ago. I then joined Twitter as @leadershipagent. Next to my address there was the only mention “Johann”. My account soon came to a grinding halt. No more tweets. Nothing. I basically left Twitter. Not saying anything is a form of communication. I had to do some cleaning. I paused … Continue reading

MR.Renaissance to participate in next year’s dad olympics at #dad2summit

See you next year indeed ! RT @gauthierjohann: Once a year, darn! RT @Markvanderley: @GauthierJohann @BruceSallan good we always need French Canadians see ya next year #dad2summit

Chutzpah ! Thanks Bruce Sallan for being there !

Is there a discipline for Chutzpah 😉 RT @brucesallan: @GauthierJohann – #DadChat IS the Olympics of chats with always an international representation of dads AND moms! #Dad2Summit

MR.Renaissance part of a great dad community / Thanks to Ted Rubin and others !

Me too! RT @tedrubin: Hope to see you then! RT @GauthierJohann: @TedRubin @BusyDadBlog @vineapp wish I was there… til next year! #dad2summit #dadchat

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We all have gems and diamonds for the world to discover / Play your own Music


We all have gems and diamonds for the world to discover / Play your own Music

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We all have gems and diamonds for the world to discover / Play your own Music

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