James Bond and Leadership: Adapt or Become Obsolete

Were you wearing your James Bond attire today? Did you bring your personal best? HP or NBE? Or both? Or neither? Times are changing. Big news. The drive towards doing more with less is a worldwide trend in case you haven’t noticed. Some will do better than others. Why? Highly successful leaders and teams typically … Continue reading

Riding the Evo Spirit through Nothing But Excellence

Have you ever driven a fast car? Have you ever owned one? I have. Mine was a Mitsubishi Evolution. Smashing Red. 325 of HP (Horse Power) NBE – Nothing But Excellence. I have since sold it. I call it life as Pitbull would say. In MR.Renaissance speak, I call it Creative Disruption. I read a … Continue reading

Creative Disruption at Play: the @TalentCulture tweetchat

Yesterday night marked yet another great #tchat discussion. Pics, RTs, Mentions, you name it. Lots of excitement free flowly. Meghan M. Biro, Kevin W. Grossman and our moderator Kevin Matuszak (@Tooozy) put on quite a show for all of us. At the risk of sounding repetitive, I feel so privileged to be part of such a … Continue reading

Unlocking the DNA of “Whole Organization(s)”

In her Meghan-style speak, Meghan M. Biro powerfully asserted in her latest Forbes post that “real leaders set the standards of creativity (…)” by “thinking, seeing and hiring without blinders – in 3D“. Such a strong and true metaphor as past performance and credentials alone are typically not a strong predictor of future success. The … Continue reading

To Serve and Honour – Co-Creating with Others, Uncovering Gems and Diamonds

I almost did it 2 years ago. I then joined Twitter as @leadershipagent. Next to my address there was the only mention “Johann”. My account soon came to a grinding halt. No more tweets. Nothing. I basically left Twitter. Not saying anything is a form of communication. I had to do some cleaning. I paused … Continue reading

MR.Renaissance to participate in next year’s dad olympics at #dad2summit

See you next year indeed ! RT @gauthierjohann: Once a year, darn! RT @Markvanderley: @GauthierJohann @BruceSallan good we always need French Canadians see ya next year #dad2summit

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We all have gems and diamonds for the world to discover / Play your own Music


We all have gems and diamonds for the world to discover / Play your own Music

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We all have gems and diamonds for the world to discover / Play your own Music

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