James Bond and Leadership: Adapt or Become Obsolete

Were you wearing your James Bond attire today? Did you bring your personal best? HP or NBE? Or both? Or neither?

Times are changing. Big news. The drive towards doing more with less is a worldwide trend in case you haven’t noticed. Some will do better than others. Why?

Highly successful leaders and teams typically have one major characteristic in common: they view changes as powerful opportunities to experiment and innovate. Doing more of the same generally leads to failure. Embracing change can be viewed as more than a nice marketing slogan.

Shaken, Not Stirred, No More…

In Skyfall James Bond finds himself literally torn and twisted. Vulnerable. very vulnerable. Can’t even shoot straight anymore ! He has clearly seen and lived better days. Shaken and stirred, most definitely. Shaken, not stirred, no more. Even M’s judgment is questioned when 007 comes back into the fold. We are just craving for more drama and hoping that something even worse will happen to James. Yes. Things would be so boring without.

The Bond metaphor is a very useful one for organizations searching to consistently generate high quality outcomes. Forget about doing more with less. Move on. Like James, don’t get stuck into a vortex. Even if it is painstaking tough. Pause and reflect but adapt or basically become obsolete. Trust your instincts, like James.

M also saw 007 through her 3D vision lens. She knew him like a son. She knew that James had it within him to shine bring like a diamond. M took a personal stand. Courageously. With tenacity. Not accepting no as an answer.

When everything goes smoothly everybody looks like a great leader. Teams look like they are the best. People are all smiles. Riding high.

The true test of leadership comes when things don’t go so well. In difficult times leaders step up to the plate. They simply are craving for the challenge and the opportunity to succeed against all odds. By leaders I mean everyone in the organization. Not just the top managers. Leadership is not a matter of rank and title as Robin Sharma would say. It is about a personal commitment and drive to bring and wear your James Bond attire inside out.

James Bond-type leaders…

Always remain positive and resilient.

Unleash the talent of their employees as their most powerful brand ambassadors and changes agents.

Focus on potential, talent and exemplary attitude.

Model the change behaviours needed to innovate and foster creative disruption.

What type of leader are you? Challenge your own attitude today. The energy you bring to the table as well as your personal drive and commitment to excel.

If you are not setting an example, than perhaps it is time to go watch Skyfall to get inspired and then Play your own Music…


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