Riding the Evo Spirit through Nothing But Excellence

Have you ever driven a fast car? Have you ever owned one? I have. Mine was a Mitsubishi Evolution. Smashing Red. 325 of HP (Horse Power) NBE – Nothing But Excellence.

I have since sold it. I call it life as Pitbull would say. In MR.Renaissance speak, I call it Creative Disruption.

I read a post the other day where the central premise was Can HR be disruptive? Oh yes it can as Oh yes it should be.

The world we live in is so volatile, it is not even funny. Complacency is a killer. Dispersed innovation is increasingly becoming the new NBE standard.

By this I mean social learning and power-house ideas built and generated over night and often in an instant from astonishing value creating collaborative networks.

The promise of crowdsourcing and bigdata are here.

Let yourself feel the words, sounds, beat and waves. There are so many beautiful dances occuring everywhere right now. Just catch one or even better Play your Own Music.

Great leaders foster creative disruption. They empower their people as their greatest assets to connect with customers and citizens as brand ambassadors and social media rock stars.

From changing the World of Work as we know it.

To doing in the line of fire what seemed impossible.

Great leaders always Stay on the Path. Unpalpable. Courageous. Determined. Co-creating with others.

Building and sustaining strong teams, networks and organizations.

I may have sold my Red Evo, put I have never stopped putting the pedal to the metal.

With the right mix of HP (high performance) and NBE (Nothing But Excellence), pure Creative Disruption is continuously generated.

That’s what I call collective leadership in MR.Renaissance speak. Simply said.

Want a ride?


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