Workplace Lessons from Powerful Virtual Networks – The Lead From Within Example

I participated in my 2nd Lead From Within Tweetchat yesterday. The experience was yet again memorable. I felt so energized. What is powerful about this community is how freely people support each other from greetings to countless RTs Love and genuine Compassion. I am so greatful to be part of such a strong and vibrant community. The conversation topic was Leadership and Relationships.

Lead From Within exemplifies many characteristics of a true modern connected workplace. As many organizations are still struggling to wake up to the new realities of a true networked and collaborative world, they should look up the horizon and increasingly pay attention to such examples. Leadership is changing. It is more agile, collaborative and cooperative.

Many functions of the organization are impacted by this. From the actual role and job of the employee and of the executive to performance management systems. Network contributions should be built into the job of everyone to optimize the role and create higher impact for the organization. Employees as brand ambassadors.

Trust and recognition are so key in a networked environment. Leaders set an example and the stage for trust to flourish. Performance management systems as they are presently known may be partly broken with too much emphasis on formal reviews. Leaders can still play a huge role by creating a great workplace environment founded on openess and transparency where performance and expectations are freely discussed and instantly managed. It is a basic value proposition.

Leadership development occurs in the line of fire. Examples such as Lead From Within is illustrative of the emergence and importance of Social Learning with co-creation and instant recognition as basic principles of engagement.

Thank you Lolly Daskal and dear community members for your love and passion for networking excellence. Leadership and Relationships clearly is taking on powerful new meanings.


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