To Serve and Honour – Co-Creating with Others, Uncovering Gems and Diamonds

I almost did it 2 years ago. I then joined Twitter as @leadershipagent. Next to my address there was the only mention “Johann”. My account soon came to a grinding halt. No more tweets. Nothing. I basically left Twitter. Not saying anything is a form of communication. I had to do some cleaning. I paused and reflected. Started writing. One could say that I found my calling from a deep joyfull presence. To quote Eckhart Tolle. Stillness.

I started 2013 with a clear objective in mind: to never look back and move forward with resolve. To offer my personal NBE – Nothing But Excellence – in everything I do. To bring high intensity and joy supported by deep presence. To co-create masterpieces with colleagues, friends, but most of all with my family.

I am a proud dad and feel very privileged to be part of such a strong community of dads. I follow, respect and admire Bruce Sallan #dadchat. As mentioned by Bruce, Chutzpah! Next year, I plan to participate in my first dad olympics at the #dad2summit.

I am a student of human resources, leadership and talent. I have always been. To quote Lolly Daskal I lead from within.

Part of the strong Lead Change Group, Talent Culture and #tchat communities. Thank you Mike Henry, Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman for the opportunity to engage with you and others!

I am now back on Twitter more determined than ever before to make a lasting difference in my life and to co-create with others. To celebrate people and together uncover gems and diamonds.

As I am listening to Yanni “The Rainmaker” and engage with all of you, I realize how privileged I am to serve and honour.

I also realize this would not be possible without support. Here is to you darling, the love of my life, and to my children. I feel so blessed.

I am Johann Gauthier, MR.Renaissance.


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